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06 Dec 2021
Fiction, Romantic Suspense

Escape from Fear (Men of valour,women of steel. Book 1) 

Escape from Fear (Men of valour,women of steel. Book 1)

Intrigue, romance and crimeAn old lady is harassed by people wanting to buy her house which holds the secret they want. Kirsten Gateman her niece is determined to find out why. When she visits her in Florida the house has been burnt down and her aunt and her neighbour are in intensive care. She works with Joshua Rutland the neighbour’s grandson to find out who the perpetrators are but they want … they want her out of the way, in jail or executed, so they can find the secret the house hides.

Rutland wants Kirsten for himself but she holds secrets from her previous life and wants no man in her life. She needs no man to control her. Can he protect her? Can she learnt to trust a man again? Can she confront her past and overcome her fears?


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  1. Avatar of amandawilliams

    Really, really enjoyed this book. Once I started reading this I quickly found I didn’t want to put it down. A realistic and gripping storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat. This author seems to have really done their research and the world building was incredible. This author really made everything come alive and it was as if I was watching it unfold before me. I loved the relationships between the characters and I would be more than happy to make this a re-read.

  2. Avatar of connielafortune

    Escape from Fear was a brilliant narrative depicting the heroine, Kristen Gateman and her escape from her abusive ex-fiance. And, the lengths she had to go through in order to keep her identity and whereabouts hidden so he couldn’t follow her. The suspense and tension was off the charts…

    When a terrible accident, involving her beloved Aunt Freja, forces her out of hiding, she must face her worst nightmare. In the form of, Joshua Rutland, a cocky lawyer who insists on helping her. He reminds her too much of her ex-fiance. So, when sparks begin to fly between the heroine and the hero, she feels the need to run once again!

    I highly recommend Escape from Fear to everyone who loves a great romantic suspense!

  3. Avatar of suzannecass

    The story opens with a chance meeting in an airport, but these character’s fates are already entwined, they just don’t know it yet. Kirsten responds to her aunt’s call for help, but arrives too late, when she finds her aunt’s house has been set on fire and the old lady in hospital. Kirsten is damaged and fears she can never love again; is afraid of commitment and intimacy. Can she learn to trust a man again? If she can, then Rutland, a former SEAL, might be that man. Rutland also arrives in Florida to find his grandfather’s house has been damaged by the same fire that destroyed Kirsten’s aunt’s house. Is it a coincidence? Strong characters are put through the ringer in this intense mystery romance where past and present come together in an intriguing twist.

  4. Avatar of mltompsett

    Mystery, murder, and romance all in one place.
    Another great read by the talented Toni Bolton.
    Kirsten must overcome her past, if she is to succeed in life. Can Kirsten discover the truth regarding the fire to her aunts home, or will she be too late and find herself behind bars for crimes she did not commit. Can she learn to trust the grandson of her aunt’s neighbour – can they work together and solve the mysterious break-ins, and why her aunt’s house is so valuable?
    The book is well written from an in-depth viewpoint of a woman’s battle after physical abuse.
    Are you looking for a book with a great storyline and plot – then you will enjoy the characters Kirsten and Joshua.
    I recommend this book.

  5. Avatar of llthomsen

    Really well-written romance that has a bit of extra depth in the form of a crime mystery. If you are hooked on romance, but feel like you need a little more content than the usual ‘guy meets girl’, then this one is perfect. Rutland is a convincing playboy who unexpectedly falls for the feisty but psychologically scarred Kirsten, but their complicated relationship is made even more complex by the fact that they are both just on the cusp of an adventure that could mean death, not only to themselves but to much-loved members of both their families. The beginning is especially intriguing, and I loved the way the author sets the scene and how the two main characters’ random encounter turns out to be anything but! Expect fast twists and turns and lots of insights into both characters as they journey develops and the past and present collide.

  6. Avatar of tntraynor

    This is the first book I have read from this author, and I look forward to reading more.
    I was drawn to this book by its unique book cover, love it, was pleasantly surprised to read at the end of the book that the author has created her book covers herself, very talented.
    This is an action packed, multi-layered romantic-suspense, that has you reading quickly to find out what happens.
    Kristen and Joshua have a lot to discover and overcome before they really get to know each other.
    Who set fire to the house? What secrets is Kristen hiding? Can a rich, arrogant womaniser have a heart?
    You’ll have to read to find out 🙂

  7. Avatar of tomsimmons

    I loved the cover for this book – very unusual. It drew me in immediately. The opening sequence is also compelling; a great start to a really well-written book. The author picks carefully through the pieces of the story, detailing the investigation at its heart, while weaving in an interesting romance, with the back and forth of Kirsten and Rutland giving credence to her tragic back story. Highly recommended!

  8. Avatar of indiakells

    If you enjoy suspense, you will definitely fall for this book. The story will grip you and not let you go.
    I especially enjoyed the characters who are very well written and add great enjoyment to the story.
    The entire book is very realistic and the intrigue and different twists make this a real page-turner.

  9. Avatar of kaylakrantz

    A creep in an airport, a mysterious fire, and threats to an elderly woman. These seem to not have any connection at all and yet they do. I love this story for the way that it uses suspense to hook a reader.

    The biggest thing that stood out to me about this story was the character development. They’re all vividly written, especially Rutland. In the beginning of the story, I found him to be a despicable character interested only in himself, and because of this, I kept reading, trying to see if there would be any redemption for him. The story had so many twists and turns that I found myself trapped in the pages, eager to see more.

    This is definitely a great read if you’re a fan of thrillers!

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