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06 Dec 2021
Fairy Tales and Mythology, Fiction

Roar: Goldilocks Retold (Romance a Medieval Fairytale series, #17) 

Roar: Goldilocks Retold (Romance a Medieval Fairytale series, #17)

Three bears. Two enemies. One winter that will change everything.Ursula thought her biggest worry was hiding her magic powers long enough to catch a husband, until Lord Vauquelin invades and slaughters her whole family. When she emerges from hiding, she finds she’s snowed in with a wounded enemy soldier, in a valley full of bears.Can a girl who can’t even make porridge survive until spring?

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  1. Avatar of jennyschwartz

    “Roar” is a superb reworking of the Goldilocks story. Demelza Carlton has outdone herself. “Roar” is perfectly plotted, something that you only realise when you reflect on it for review. The many twists and imaginative additions to the story lock together seamlessly, and it’s only when you step back that you realise just how original the story is.

    I loved Bernard as the vulnerable hero – physically vulnerable and emotionally. His trauma is sensitively handled. The historical setting is perfect and beautifully described (I’m think of his stories of the Holy Land crusade in particular). In fact, the whole book is beautifully written.

    I tend not to use the word flawless in reviews, but with Roar, everything really is pitch perfect. I’m not going to say anything more, because I’ll be tempted into spoilers.

    A clever story with emotional depth and utterly satisfying.

  2. Avatar of ktjoglowacki

    I cannot explain how quickly and deeply I got sucked into this book. Within 2-3 pages I was emotionally invested, devastated, and needing to read faster. This Goldilocks retelling is outta this world.

  3. Avatar of robindpdx

    I really enjoyed this well-written, entertaining retelling of the Goldilocks fairy tale. It featured a strong female lead, had twists and turns I did not expect, and was very cohesive and hard to put down! It was excellent from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book and this author.

  4. Avatar of mlcreads

    A delightful adult fairy tale dealing with loss, hidden secrets, love and finally getting what is deserved. Ursula and Bernard have one thing in common and that is that both their fathers rule their lives, but Ursula’s family is brutally slaughtered and when the winter snows melt and spring returns Bernard finally gets to stand up to his father. This dark retelling of Goldilocks is a great read.

  5. Avatar of fcheavenly

    Overall rating: 4.8

    This storyline had me captivated from chapter one! This adult version of Goldilocks screams of passion, loyalty , and devotion. Each time that I read these fairytales retold, I am always left feeling as though it can’t be retold any better than this! Once again I am amazed by the ingenuity of this author! Brilliantly done! All my reviews are always voluntarily written.

  6. Avatar of athena

    Enjoy is understated for me with this story. I loved each character (oh the good ones at least) they grew in their own right and the world around them was amazing. I never imagined Goldilocks told on a different way

  7. Avatar of reneearthur

    This is a fantastic retelling of Goldilocks! It drew me right in and kept me there. It begins with the castle being attacked and Ursula finding a place to hide. She eventually finds the few townspeople who had also hidden and survived. So begins a wonderful tale. I love the characters in this book. Whether good or bad, they are well written. And the plot? The twist at the end is simply wonderful. Parts of the book are naturally sad, but the whole thing comes out as a feel good fairy tale and there’s even a love interest. If you like adult fairy tales with a few ‘R’ rated scenes, then you’ll love this!

  8. Avatar of maryc

    Found this tale to be an interesting twist on the old fairy tale, A story about a woman whose family was destroyed around her, a man who was mistreated by his father and his king, their discovery of each other, a touch of magic to save the people that survived, their trust for each other tested and revenge for both of them

  9. Avatar of algernonph

    The connection to the traditional fairytale about Goldilocks is tenuous, but this story is exciting, original, at times steamy and features a brave, resourceful heroine with a bit of magic and a lot to learn about romantic love. Totally enjoyable, though I was a bit disappointed that Ursula aka Goldilocks was so able yet incapable of cooking up a simple meal! She leaves the cooking to the hero and soon learns she can rely on his other talents as well!

  10. Avatar of mmmurdoog

    An adult fairy-tale. A closer approximation to a Grimm’s Fairy Tale than any of Demelza’s stories which I’ve read before: very dark beginnings. A sense of dread caught me about two thirds through. Overall, a great tale.

    I received a copy of this book as a gift. I am leaving my honest review.

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