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“Eva Devon is scrumptious historical romance at its finest!” (New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes): After an unexpected kiss, spinster Georgiana must wed Edward, the icy and aloof Duke of Thornfield. But could Edward’s stiff demeanor hide a fiery passion?

A tantalizing tale from a New York Times bestselling author: When the Duke of Nottingvale holds his annual Christmastide party, he hopes to find a suitable bride. Spinster Cynthia Louise Finch certainly isn’t fit to be a duchess — but neither can deny the growing spark between them…

Lady Nina Trent is determined to catch the eye of an eligible duke — so she enlists notorious scoundrel Lord Elliot Havenford to teach her the art of seduction. But little does she know that Elliot has a plan all his own… From a USA Today bestselling author!