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From a USA Today bestselling author: After years of living in seclusion, Lady Lila March is determined to return to the outside world — so she recruits Hugh Savage, a notorious London street fighter, to help her prepare. Can these two wounded souls find healing and tenderness in each other’s arms?

From a USA Today bestselling author: After feisty reporter Verity Lovelace exposes Malcom North as the long-lost Earl of Maxwell, he demands she pretend to be his wife to ward off social climbers. But what happens when their sham marriage sparks real feelings? “Sizzling, witty, passionate… Perfect!” (Eloisa James).

From a USA Today bestselling author: Lady Pamela Manning is content with her reclusive life in Bath. But when odd happenings start at her boarding house, she turns to gambling club owner Mr. Nicolas Smith for help — and Nicolas is determined to win her heart…

The Duke of Pelham needs Amity’s sweet creations to help him win a wife — but could London’s most brilliant chocolatier capture his heart instead? A delectable Victorian love story that’s first in a series!