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“Intoxicating, romantic, and utterly ravishing” (Eloisa James): When Mariah finds a shipwrecked man with no memory, she convinces him that he’s her husband to fend off an unwanted suitor. Only he’s really the wealthy Duke of Ashton… An “enchanting” tale (Publishers Weekly) from a New York Times bestselling author.

To protect her sister, Sidonie gives herself to scarred scoundrel Jonas for one week — but as the days go on, she realizes Jonas isn’t the monster he’s been painted out to be… A “lush, sensuous treat” (New York Times bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke) with over 1,100 five-star ratings on Goodreads.

With over 3,200 five-star Goodreads ratings: In the era of Columbus, Queen Juana fights tirelessly to preserve her crown and defend Spain from its foes. “Disturbing royal secrets and court manipulations wickedly twist this enthralling story, brilliantly told” (Publishers Weekly).

First in a series: Mercy, Duchess of Romsey, is struggling to keep an estate running when Leopold Randall — her late husband’s estranged cousin — arrives on her doorstep. Out of duty, he agrees to help her, but they soon find their hearts entangled…

A “wonderful” novel (RT Book Reviews) from a New York Times bestselling author: When Chloe Wherlocke has a vision of a plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his son, their meeting sparks an unexpected love affair! Book one in a series.

At a young age, Julian and Deborah were hastily forced to marry. When they meet again years later, Deborah doesn’t recognize her husband — and Julian becomes determined to win his bride without revealing he’s the Marquess of Alston!

Miss Eleanor Bowman has been in love with handsome Lord Ned for years — but it’s not until his birthday ball that he finally notices her. From a USA Today bestselling author whose novels are “so addictive they should come with a warning label” (Booklist).

When Julia returns to the English estate where she spent her childhood, an old diary unveils a tragic story that plunges her into a world of family secrets. A New York Times bestseller with nearly 4,900 five-star ratings on Goodreads!