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“Spine-tingling… Here is your next must-read” (James Rollins): A grieving widow goes on a community camping trip, hoping to heal. But when her group gets trapped in an uncharted canyon, they realize they’ve stumbled into the hunting grounds of a prehistoric terror. “Shuddering good fun!” (R.L. Stine).

Career-focused businesswoman Greer finds herself drawn to her handsome colleague, Dustin. When she discovers that he feels the same way, are they willing to take their relationship from professional to personal? An entertaining romance!

“Cozy… A feel-good romance” (Library Journal): Hard-working lawyer Mina is summoned to tiny Gosberg, Germany, to help her family’s café make a splash at their last Icicle Fest. But co-owner Scott is determined to keep the café alive — and to warm Mina’s heart!