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A heartwarming read that kicks off a series: After she moves back home to help her brother run the Seaside Café, Kayana starts up a summer book club with two of her customers. The three women bond over their favorite novels — but soon, their lives become even more entertaining than fiction!

A recent release that “cements [Hubbard’s] status as an American original” (Publishers Weekly): August has worked on the all-Black staff of the Barclays, a wealthy white family, for years. But when their fortune falls, a new venture will lead to a shocking act. “Hubbard crafts unforgettable characters” (The Washington Post).

Heralded as “a new kind of epic” (Entertainment Weekly), this 2021 National Book Award finalist unravels the story of Samuel and Isaiah, two enslaved men in the antebellum South whose love — and survival — is threatened by plantation life. “That shuffling sound you hear is Morrison, Baldwin, and Angelou whooping and hollering both in pride, and wonder” (Marlon James). Already named a best book of …

Beth Duke, Author of #1 Best Seller It All Comes Back to You, delivers an emotional and inspiring novel about…

Hubert, a solitary widower, hides his loneliness behind fake stories about his fun-filled retirement. When he’s suddenly forced to turn fantasy into reality, could love and friendship come back into his life? “Heartwarming… Hubert Bird stole my heart” (Beth O’Leary).

When a group of former spies is eliminated in one brutal attack, disgraced agent Sean Richardson embarks on a high-stakes undercover mission to get answers. Posing as an illicit arms dealer, can Sean infiltrate a cabal of Russian mercenaries before their shocking plans unfold?

A “gorgeous, thoughtful, heartbreaking” historical novel, The Cape Doctor is the story of one man’s journey from penniless Irish girl…

Captured and sold into slavery, a young African girl faces a harrowing new life in 19th-century America… Meet Judah in a powerful historical novel that reveals the life of one of the many enslaved people at Virginia’s Belle Grove Plantation.

When siblings John and Sarah discover they’ve accidentally time-traveled to ancient Egypt, they’ll have to brave scorpions and tomb robbers if they want to make it home! “An engaging, eventful, history-based fantasy with realistic protagonists and an enjoyable, twist-filled plot” (Kirkus Reviews).