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This “insightful, uplifting” read (Tom Brokaw) chronicles the life and legacy of Jimmy Carter, the Nobel Prize–winning humanitarian and 39th president of the United States. “Splendid… Ably sourced and fluidly written, one of the best in a celebrated genre of presidential biography” (The Washington Post).

A Pulitzer Prize–winning historian’s account of John F. Kennedy’s first 39 years offers a glimpse into American history as he lived it. “With impressive vision and flawless execution, Logevall bores down to a molecular level to put JFK’s life and achievements within the context of the history of the times” (Booklist).

In this New York Times bestseller, Today show coanchor Jenna Bush Hager reflects on the lives of all of her grandparents — including former president George H. W. Bush — and the wisdom they passed down. “Considers with gentle affection her close relationships with her grandparents” (Kirkus Reviews).

A New York Times bestseller and NPR Best Book of 2020! Delivering wit and historical insight, this energetic biography of George Washington is “a bewitching combination of erudition and cheek… A playful, disruptive work of history” (New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Egan).

A Pulitzer Prize–winning historian illuminates the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon B. Johnson, and both Roosevelts in an “expert, extremely relevant” #1 New York Times bestseller (Booklist) with nearly 6,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads. “Deserves much praise… Insightful, readable, compelling” (The Boston Globe).

From two New York Times bestselling authors: In 1915, former President Theodore Roosevelt accused his political rival of corruption and libel — and after a grueling five-week trial, Roosevelt emerged victorious. A “remarkable and intensely dramatic” account (Scott Turow).

Alex is America’s First Son… but when his rivalry with the Prince of Wales heats up into an unexpected romance, their nations face a surprising challenge. A “fireworks in the sky, glitter in your hair joyous royal romance that you’ll want to fall head over heels in love with again and again. A+” (Entertainment Weekly).