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An international bestseller that inspired the hit Netflix series Bridgerton! In London society, a duke and his best friend’s sister fake a courtship — and find their lives changing in unexpected ways… “Simply delightful, filled with charm, humor, and wit” (Kirkus Reviews).

Set in the southeastern region of 16th-century America, this fascinating novel follows a Muskogee tribal chief named Calling Crow as he fights to overcome powerful Spanish conquistadors and free his people.

“A deeply felt American family saga” (Harper’s Magazine): This New York Times bestseller follows four sisters across decades as they love, deceive, and forgive while learning to cherish the bonds that hold them together. “Complex and daring” (Jane Smiley).

With over 800 five-star Goodreads ratings: Lawyer Jake Lassiter was at the scene when Chrissy Bernhardt shot her father. So why has he agreed to defend her? Nothing is as it seems in this twist-filled read featuring “one of the most entertaining series characters in contemporary crime fiction” (Booklist).

Ruthless alien invaders have destroyed Earth and conquered the universe, but a prophecy reveals that Joe Dobbs is humankind’s only hope for defeating the tyrannical alien government. A fast-paced, epic adventure!

Sophie falls asleep in the arms of her husband, Jamie — only to wake up in 1863. When she meets a soldier who looks like Jamie, Sophie is determined to make him remember their love. But will they survive the past? A passion-filled time travel romance!