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When a young activist’s murder hints at a chilling bigger picture, Detective Kara Quinn and FBI Agent Matt Costa scour the Southwest desert for answers. From a New York Times bestselling author, this must-read recent release “is downright spectacular… a riveting page-turner” (The Providence Journal).

An instant 2021 New York Times bestseller: In 18th-century London, a mysterious apothecary shop with an eccentric clientele finds its fate forever changed by a young patron — and in the present day, Caroline discovers a clue that could solve a centuries-old mystery. “Poisonously good… Surprises right up until the final paragraph” (NPR).

A “beautifully crafted” recent release (Jodi Picoult): When Ruth, a successful Black engineer, returns to her small hometown, she strikes up an unexpected friendship with a white boy named Midnight — and begins unearthing a family secret that could change everything. “Fantastic… Oh-so-memorable” (Good Morning America).

“A delicious escape” (Booklist) from a New York Times bestselling author: Will a life-changing trip through Italy help Francesca reconnect with her mother and her daughter? “Probst whisks readers away on an unforgettable journey. The perfect novel to satisfy your wanderlust!” (New York Times bestselling author Chanel Cleeton).

“Historical fiction at its finest” (Chanel Cleeton): To survive the Holocaust, Nina, a Jewish woman, must pretend to be the wife of Nico, a Christian farmer. As a local Nazi official’s suspicions threaten their safety, their relationship transforms into real love… “A tale of devastating simplicity and poignant sweetness” (Kate Quinn).

Best Book of 2020New York Times |NPR | New York Post“This hushed suspense tale about thwarted dreams of escape may…

“This lively cozy has glamour, intrigue, and romance” (Booklist). When her friend’s opera diva mother is found dead, hairdresser Daisy dons her detective hat to solve the murder!

A 2020 #1 New York Times bestseller: When Stephanie Plum’s grandmother is left with the keys to an incredible fortune, she and Stephanie are thrust into a madcap adventure with enemies hot on their trail! From “the most popular mystery writer alive” (The New York Times)!