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06 Dec 2021
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Thief of Corinth 

Thief of Corinth

First-century Corinth is a city teeming with commerce and charm. It’s also filled with danger and corruption–the perfect setting for Ariadne’s greatest adventure.After years spent living with her mother and oppressive grandfather in Athens, Ariadne runs away to her father’s home in Corinth, only to discover the perilous secret that destroyed his marriage: though a Greek of high birth, Galenos is … is the infamous thief who has been robbing the city’s corrupt of their ill-gotten gains.Desperate to keep him safe, Ariadne risks her good name, her freedom, and the love of the man she adores to become her father’s apprentice. As her unusual athletic ability leads her into dangerous exploits, Ariadne discovers that she secretly revels in playing with fire. But when the wrong person discovers their secret, Ariadne and her father find their future–and very lives–hanging in the balance.When they befriend a Jewish rabbi named Paul, they realize that his radical message challenges everything they’ve fought to build, yet offers something neither dared hope for.Be transported back in time by this gripping tale of adventure, bravery, and redemption, and discover why Debbie Macomber says, “No one brings the Bible to life like Tessa Afshar.”


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  1. Avatar of jj

    This book would have received a higher rating from me if the story had resolved differently. I know—authors can write the story any way they choose. This author is known for her Christian fiction. When I’m reading this genre I expect the story to resolve with Christian principles intact. Let’s face it, doing the right thing is not always an easy choice to make. But when one does choose integrity, it’s impressive. To have the main character justify wrongdoing, calling it good—this did not sit well with me. I happen to think that the story would’ve been better had the author chosen to write the last one-third of the story with the main character (and others) choosing to live out the Christian principles she (and they) professed to believe.

    I listened to the Audible book. Narration was good, even though in a few spots at the beginning of the book there were some noticeable places where some editing had been done.

    As for the quality of the author’s writing, I thought it was good with the exception of how she chose to resolve the plot.

    I’m not sure I want to read another book by this author. I’ll have to think long and hard about that.

  2. Avatar of cathy39

    I enjoyed the cultural background to a fictitious story. I thought the plots were well thought out and kept me guessing how the main character was going to get out of a bad situation. I also like to read a book that has clean language and no elicit sexual scenes.

  3. Avatar of ronhanson

    An amazing author, I would like to read all her books.

  4. Avatar of sakooiker

    Very good book!

  5. Avatar of heather

    WOW! This book brought to mind other YA classics set in ancient times such as the Bronze Bow. Brava!

  6. Avatar of jrsteele97

    A great book bringing many of the New Testament characters together. Made them knowable and real. A wonderful story of human hardships, relationships, hurt, and forgiveness. I couldn’t put it down.

  7. Avatar of ladymomma

    I enjoyed reading the Thief of Corinth. It was easy to read and kept you wanting to continue. Enjoyed the ending.

  8. Avatar of gmaak53

    I absolutely love fiction that takes into account of Biblical foundation.

  9. Avatar of claramm

    Some novels leave you feeling so full you don’t have room for your own words. For real though, if I could I’d fill this review with only quotes from the book but I’ll leave it to you guys to explore 😉

    Tessa Afshar has truly written as a masterpiece! In “Thief of Corinth” we experience a journey not only read through one. I wish I could share all my highlights, insights and moments of tears and laughter for with a spunky heroine, there is a promise for this and much more. I’m impressed by this author’s research and writing! I felt the scent of every herb and perfume, the taste of the food, and saw in my mind the majestic villages. It was hard to put this one down! And the heart!! The heart of this book was the most powerful part of all! Truly a story and an author to keep an eye out! So glad this might not be the last one considering her notes on Theo at the end… maybe Claudia too? *hint hint*

  10. Avatar of fizzypop

    The premise of this book beckoned me to read it. I’m accustomed to reading Afshar’s Biblical fiction. I’m hesitant to label this book in that genre. It is more historical Christian fiction set during Biblical times. Set in the backdrop of Greece and Corinth during the time of Paul, we meet Ariadne as she is on the cusp of adulthood. Running from a marriage that sets her teeth on edge and a domineering grandfather, who arranged the match, and a mother who can’t see past her own father’s wishes for the family. From a broken home, Ariadne does the only thing she can think to do. . .runs how to Corinth and the father she loves and hasn’t seen since she was a child. I have to admit I was surprised to find a divorced family in this book and how simple it seemed, somehow I thought that divorce was much more rare, and typically much more involved, during these times. We meet with Paul again and even get mention of Lydia and even Aquila and Priscilla are referenced. Again though, not Biblical fiction.

    Outside of the fact that Biblical characters are mentioned and Biblical places are referenced there are reasons that I can’t classify this book as Biblical fiction. First, there isn’t a ‘thief of Corinth’ in the Bible. Corinth was a rough place situated as it was on the isthmus between two vital bodies of water as well as the pagan temples there. Commonsense would surmise that this would be haven for crime as well as a rough place to live. We know that Paul traveled there and I’m fairly certain he met a variety of people but somehow I don’t see a Ariadne in his life. I can’t really say why without spoilering things, just trust me. The other thing that pulls me back from Biblical fiction, but also as historical fiction, is how modern everyone’s speech and mannerisms are. At times it was easy to forget that I was reading a book set in ancient times, everyone came across as that modern! Which for me is a detraction from the genre of book I was reading. It was good but it was detracting.

    While there were detractions there was still a great story of finding love, faith, and redemption. In the years following Christ’s death and resurrection Christianity was a word of mouth revolution. In Greece and Rome these converts were few and far between. When Ariadne ran from her Grandfather and Mother in Greece to find her father in Corinth she took only her adoptive brother with her. And a memory of a shrine she had seen that had left an impression on her. ‘My favorite shrine had been made of plain white marble with a simple inscription in Greek: ‘To an Unknown God’. She had already encountered God without realization. Yes, this book is about her and her family finding God through Paul. But it’s also about a young girl finding her place in the world, her community and society. It’s about a young woman finding her future, and love. It’s about a family finding wholeness in their brokenness and healing in their hurts. It’s engaging and embracing and a historical coming of age story. There’s so much to embrace in this book in it’s modernness. And so much to learn from this book in it’s history. But it’s not Biblical fiction.

    I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by NetGalley, Tyndale House Publishers. I was not compensated for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

  11. Avatar of snellp

    I love all of Afshar’s books. Her style of incorporating biblical characters into her fictional story lines is a favorite of mine. I learn so much about the time period. It even helps me understand biblical texts because of the background knowledge.

  12. Avatar of phyllisamongthereads

    Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar

    Adventure in ancient Corinth

    My rating is 4 1/2 stars

    While there are a number of themes in Thief of Corinth, the message of loving others with a First Corinthians 13 kind of love is a strong one. Which makes the book challenging, because it is not easy to desire to do that.

    I loved seeing Corinth from the eyes of one of the pagans living there in the First Century A.D. Ariadne’s story is told exclusively through her perspective which adds an element of surprise that wouldn’t have been there if we knew what the others were thinking. The historical facts that were imparted were woven into the story so well I almost didn’t realize they were being shared.

    I fell in love with all the characters so when it was evident there was a love triangle, I was torn about who I hoped Ariadne would end up with. The way that was resolved was good and right and now I hope we’ll have an opportunity to hear the story of the other man in another book.

    This story is full of adventure, suspense, romance, and life changes. Ariadne and her family had some very hard decisions to make as they experienced the forgiveness of their sins and yet had to face the consequences. I thought the way this part played out was done extremely well!

    There are a few gritty parts to the story and hints at depravity. There was a part that was a tad bit crude, however, it was necessary to the story. Just a heads up, in case it is important to you.

    This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I’ve seen her book showing up all over the place and was really excited when I won it on a Goodreads giveaway! I love Biblical fiction and was glad for a chance to see how this one would play out. I was not disappointed!

    Read the full review of Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar with a Preview at

    I would like to thank Goodreads Giveaway for giving me a copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

  13. Avatar of marybee10

    I have read all of Tessa Afshar’s books and loved every one. I think each one is “Best” but I found this one exceptionally good. I plan to re-read them.

  14. Avatar of campbellamyd

    Thief of Corinth is Tessa Afshar’s newest release. The author sure knows how to bring a reader back in time. The historical details were quite vivid and believable. I was drawn into the characters’ lives. I enjoyed Ariadne’s story. I found it to be exciting, adventurous, suspenseful, and inspirational. I, especially, enjoyed when Paul was introduced.

    I give Thief of Corinth a well deserved 5 plus stars and highly recommend it. Such a powerful story.

    I received this book from the publisher, but was not required to write a review. This review this 100% my own honest opinion.

  15. Avatar of rachmerritt

    This was a terrific read from beginning to end. The characters are thoroughly engaging, the plot unique and intriguing, and a simply wonderful novel.

    I really enjoyed this read, the tie in with Biblical characters, and the story as a whole. I don’t give spoilers so the best parts you will just have to find out for yourself!

    It’s a tremendous read, and readers won’t be disappointed with the twists and turns of this novel.

    A few quotes :

    Popularity can dull the senses like a drug. It can numb the heart. It robs one of truth.

    …true love is patient and kind…We fail. We fail because we have never tasted of such love. We do not know how to receive it, how to give it. It requires a power beyond our own.

    How I pray that you will have spiritual strength to comprehend how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ for you.

    Our Lord has a tender place in his heart for thieves who repent.

    This God did not move in half measures…he wanted to have my soul. He wanted me.

    I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

  16. Avatar of brendamurphree

    This is my first book by Tessa Afshar and I loved the story! Adventures, romance, suspenseful and faith-filled. Redemption for most of the characters and one that even seeks redemption at the end of life.
    I loved the history that was throughout the story and the descriptions of the huge old houses in the ancient city of Corinth. I could just picture them standing by the big columns, the breezeways and the high windows they would climb in. I wanted to hold my breath several times as the adventures were described because it was so real. I just fell in love with the main characters and couldn’t wait for the next big thing to happen. And…there were plenty of things that happened. Oh! And there was also some surprises that I didn’t figure out.
    If you love a wonderful book full of intrigue this book is for you!
    I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.

  17. Avatar of pattistep53

    I loved this book. This story is at times both light-hearted and suspenseful. Tessa Afshar has written an exciting and inspiring book with many different ingredients that blend together to make a beautiful story: Betrayal, selfishness, love, redemption, faith, forgiveness, and hope. The family dynamics in this book cover all of those aspects. Ms. Afshar has done an excellent job of making each main character seem complex and each fits perfectly in their place. The setting of the city of Corinth during the New Testament time period comes alive as the author guides us through the city.

    Tessa Afshar states that she wrote this book because “…fans have been asking me for a book they could .share with friends who are not practicing Christians.” She also wanted to “…tell a light-hearted story that still managed to grapple with a few important issues.” She has accomplished both those goals. As the fictional main character, Ariadne, moves from unbelief to faith, it will encourage you to want to reach out to your fiends to help them find the peace that only God can give.

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

  18. Avatar of annerightler

    Thief of Corinth, by Tessa Afshar, is a compelling story of a courageous young girl who yearns to be loved and accepted. (And don’t we all?) Although other novels of this author are based on true Biblical stories, this book is a fictional story set in first-century Corinth and readers will see several real historical figures, such as the Apostle Paul, and Priscilla and Acquilla. Ariadne’s home life is full of seemingly irreparable strained family dynamics and numerous secrets. She has been wounded by her parents’ divorce and subsequent harsh treatment by her mother. With a strong sense of duty, Ariadne is compelled to help her father save the family home, leading to multiple complications and near disasters. Will she ever find a love that mends what is broken and endures all things, even a twisted past? The characters are strong, multifaceted, and evocative, and watching their relationships develop and evolve is engaging. Threaded throughout the story readers will find rich historical details, adventures, tension-filled scenes, a few twists to the plot, and some sweet romance. This is a wonderful story of reconciliation, restoration, and redemption–not to be missed. I can’t wait to read more from this author.
    I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley and was not required to write a review. The opinions are my own.

  19. Avatar of patmoore

    Thief of Corinth is set in the New Testament and Tessa will transport you back to those days. When reading you will forget you are in the 21st century and be back in Biblical days. You will smell the rich scent (yep good and bad), feel the heat, taste the sand, find yourself fleeing the dangers of our young heroine. The research is rich in history, scenery and even though the story isn’t part of the Bible it is set in those times and the plot is rich in plot, characters and I had a hard time setting the book down. When I read my first book by Tessa Afshar I was hooked. She quickly became one of my all time favorite authors and I immediately bought two more of her books the same week I bought the first one. I consider it a privilege and honor to be on her review team. She made me remember why I love ancient history (Egypt, Middle East and Biblical times). Tessa Afshar paints history like an artist paints on canvas, only she does it with words. Her plot will tug at your heart and you might even shed a tear or two when she touches your heart.

    I received Thief of Corinth from the publisher and Tessa Afshar. There were no expectations on my review and I absolutely loved this wonderful book. It’s so rich in history, context, story line and characters. I recommend this book to anyone that loves Biblical history, a tight woven story and superbly written book.

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