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No one gets to skip the tough stuff and when life threatens to drown us we’re left gasping for air,…

This witty, subversive take on the classic bucket list outlines 101 overrated things not to do before you die — from visiting all 50 states to swimming with sharks!

With nearly 9,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads: You may think you’re pretty smart, but this entertaining, enlightening read uses cutting-edge science to prove just how delusional humans can be. “Even seasoned psych lovers will learn something new” (Psychology Today).

Queen Elizabeth II and her kin comprise one of the world’s most famous families, but who are they when the cameras are off? This delightful book offers an inside look at the eccentric lives of the Windsors from those who know them best: the royal servants!

Is everything you learned in school completely wrong? This humorous, enlightening Wall Street Journal bestseller highlights common errors and debunks enduring myths about a wide range of topics, from history and government to sports, popular culture, and more!