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06 Dec 2021
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The Ministry of Healing 

Classic Christian author A. J. Gordon expresses curiosity about whether the healing miracles from the Middle Ages up to his day can be verified as a continuation of Christ’s Spirit in the church. Through deep study and inquiry of the established history, Gordon concludes that…

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The Splendid and the Vile 

A #1 New York Times bestseller, named a Best Book of 2020 by the New York Public Library, Time, Bloomberg, and more! The author who became a legend of the historical nonfiction genre with The Devil in the White City chronicles the leadership of Winston Churchill amid the drama of the London Blitz. “A bravura performance by one of America’s greatest storytellers” (NPR).

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I Want You to Know We’re Still Here 

NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARDS FINALIST • “Part personal quest, part testament, and all thoughtfully, compassionately written.”—The Washington Post   “Esther Safran Foer is a force of nature: a leader of the Jewish people, the matriarch of America’s leading literary family, an eloquent defender of the…