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06 Dec 2021
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Dystopian Fiction, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction

The Companions 

After a virus strikes in the near future, the consciousnesses of the dead are uploaded to manufactured carriers to serve as companions to those quarantined. But companion Lilac decides to defy her life of servitude — and search for her killer… A “suspenseful, introspective” novel (Kirkus Reviews) that “thoughtfully explores the nature of humanity” (Library Journal).

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Action and Adventure, Children's, Coming of Age, Dystopian Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Fairy Tales and Mythology, Fantasy, ...

The Blood Lottery: A Coming of Age Adventure (Dawn of the Seraphim Book 1) 

In Veruth, there are three different races–sun elves, gnomes, and the pitiful lot Ava belongs to……humans. Or so she thought.After centuries at war with the mystical sun elves, the humans lost, and now serve as slaves, toiling each day by working menial jobs. Ava works…