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Thousand Islands bookseller Shelby Cox is caught between a lethal rock and a hardheaded newcomer in Essie Lang’s third Castle…

While visiting her local diner, Alberta gets something she certainly didn’t order: a puzzling murder case. When her waitress shows up with a knife in her back, can Alberta, her sister, and her granddaughter make sure the real killer gets their just desserts? Includes delicious Italian recipes!

It’s not long before things spiral out of control at a baby shower Mia is hosting at her catering hall. First, one gift turns out to be a shocking surprise, and then a guest’s body is found nearby. Can Mia solve the mystery? Includes recipes!

Shortly before a local bookshop is set to host an event for indie author Deirdre, she’s found dead behind the store — and bookish Siobhán must thumb through pages of suspects to solve the crime… “A mélange of clues from classic mysteries plus plenty of Irish charm produce an enjoyable read” (Kirkus Reviews).