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Book one in a series from a USA Today bestselling author: After her divorce, Elizabeth moves to small-town Wyoming for a fresh start — but instead becomes embroiled in a murder mystery…

“Witty, droll, clever — and just a tad quirky!” (Agatha Award–winning author Hank Phillippi Ryan): Liz is a saucy Southern belle and private eye. But she’ll need more than charm to solve a string of murders… A USA Today bestseller and Agatha Award winner with over 400 five-star reviews on Amazon!

First in a beloved series from a New York Times bestselling author: In a sleepy 1950s village, young sleuth Flavia de Luce must solve the mystery of a baffling message left at her doorstep and a dead man in the cucumber patch. An Agatha Award winner!

This hilarious cozy mystery from a New York Times bestselling author follows Agatha Raisin as she tries to figure out how her entry in the local baking contest — a quiche she bought from a London shop — ended up killing the judge!

From a New York Times bestselling author: After her conniving mother-in-law dies, Maryse thinks she can finally get her life back on track. But Helena’s not leaving Maryse alone yet… A fun whodunit with over 4,300 five-star ratings on Goodreads!